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By RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com

 "HALLOWEEN" falls on a Tuesday this Year, so it's only natural you celebrate this gigantic Night on the Saturday before. BUT, don't just simply host a "Costumer Contest" with a $100 Prize. Everyone does that.
Make it a really, scary, spooky,sizzling, Night of so much "WOW", no other place in your area will matter.
I always had a Professional Theme Night Expert come in, and decorate our Club or the Bar or Restaurant I was guiding through this Monumental Holiday Night.
"Halloween" is a SCARY SUPER BOWL OF NIGHTS. But, it all depends on how you produce it, promote it, pump it, and most of all present it.
Every "Halloween", deserves a Cover Charge, collected by a VIXEN. You cannot host "Halloween" by letting your Patrons in free, what with all that you are going to be giving away, all that you will be hosting, all that your night consists of. NO WAY, they must PAY.
Your decorations have to be Spooky, Scary, SPECTACULAR.
Include some live Horror Staff as part of your Atmosphere.
Don't hold your "Costume Contest" till way past Midnight.
Don't empty out your venue, just because you held your "Contest".
Tie in at least four other HORRORWEEN Contests.
Tie in plenty of HORRORWEEN "Swag" to give away.
You know who to ask for all the "SWAG" you want, so ASK THEM NOW !!!
Your "HORRORWEEN Social Media Branding should start NOW.
Sell it out in advance.
Hang HUGE BANNERS inside your bar,club, sports bar, gentleman's club, restaurant bar area, NOW.
You know who to ask to make  these JUMBO Banners for FREE, do it now, before they are way too busy to get them to you.
The key to "HORRORWEEN being Wall to Wall", is what you do far in advance, so that everyone wants to come to your Venue.
I have all the "Tricks & Treats" you need for a Revenue Record Setting Halloween.
Don't do what you always do.
It's too predictable.
This year, go all out.
The Saturday Night before Tuesday Halloween, you will have one of the biggest nights, you never ever even imagined, IF, IF, IF you do it the "RICHIE WAY".
If your Capacity is 150, that means you can fit close to 200 in and that is an almost $10,000 Night.
That's right.
But..............there's no cutting corners, no easy way to WIN THE NIGHT in your Area.
Stop listening to everybody who knows nothing about "HORRORWEEN" and listen to the "CASH VAMP", Me, who knows how to suck the cash out of all these Costumed Party People, but by doing it with "FUN", "WOW" and "FAB", so that they want to spend.
This year, it is the most unique Halloween you have ever hosted in years.
Why, because we have major tensions with National Nuclear Confrontations, possible.
We had "HARVEY" come into HOUSTON and BEAUMONT and so many other areas of Texas.
"Peace of Mind" is hard to come by.
So, People want to escape, they want to get away from the woes and worries of the Nation and the World.
They want to Party on "HORRORWEEN".
Do everything it takes to take all the business away from competitors.
This year I created a challenging Costume vs Costume Contest that puts everyone to the max in finding, creating, or putting together a Costume to meet the Challenge !!!
Your Food, yes serve food even if you don't at all, your Drink Menu, just for "HORRORWEEN", your Shotz, your diverse one night only streams of revenue all are offered for "HORRORWEEN".
 "HORRORWEEN Night" is a "Frightful Fashion Saturday Night.
From your Front Entrance to every area of your interior, the Fear, Scare, must be everywhere.
What you want to accomplish is a Night of "Scares, Sexes, & Sci-Fi" all mixed together to be the STAND OUT PLACE FOR YOUR "HORRORWEEN NIGHT".
You want the biggest "Halloween Night" you have ever had, or thought you could have?
Then simply email RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com
Because time is of the essence.
When you wait till the last few days and then post this on your Face book Page, don't expect anything more than a small group of patrons attending.
Don't make the mistakes you do, every single major Holiday.
Don't listen to everyone who knows NOTHING about Packing your Place.
If all these people were so wise, they would own the most successful venue in your area.



I don’t have the official word on the "Heavy Counts", done by many of the dishes at the Cheesecake Factory, as nutritional information isn't readily available on their website. Which is a slap in the face to every potential customer. I mean, what are they hiding?
 I do know from previously available nutrition data that it’s not a pretty picture, with many dishes regularly
exceeding 1,000 calories -- and even 2,000 calories. The miso salmon may seem like a healthy choice, yet it
clocks in at more than 1,180 calories, provides 60 percent of your recommended daily sodium intake (940 out of
1,500 milligrams) and contains two entire days’ worth of saturated fat (32 grams). This dish makes the “worst”
list not only on its nutritional (de)merits, but also because of its potential to trick a customer into thinking they’re
making a healthy choice. How many "Healthy Dishes", do you offer, do you feature, do you in a creative way,
reach out to your Patrons, with these Selections? Do you realize that Sodium is poison, that Sugar, is not far
behind? That Calories are counted now, like never before? That Saturated Fat is a NO NO?
Why "Cheesecake Factory" has to offer such unhealthy items, and not adjust, adapt and apply much lower counts of ingredients and calories, but insuring they still taste good, what is the problem?
Way too many Chain Eateries are suffering from the "Doors Not Opening", because people are not coming in.
Below this "Richie Bite" is a list of "15 Lost Customer Chains".
The reasons run from Price to lack of fresh items to failure to "RESET", to Corporate Offices that are filled with "SUITS" who are totally out of touch with what the "PUBLIC" actually wants to eat !!!
They have no clue what "THE NEXT BIG IDEA" is. Nor are they able to take it. Because of the Corporate Structure, the way in which they communicate with their Franchise Owners.
The Problems are many, the solutions are "IN PLAIN SIGHT", but again, these "SUITS" are acting out, like the USA NETWORK very popular show "SUITS", which has story lines always in "CONFLICT".
They spend hundreds of thousands on Institutional Sports Advertising, ( total waste), they lack Social Media Relevance, and they have failed at quality control, pricing and new items.

Then add caloric content, fat content, saturated fat, sodium, and how to roll out items that are no longer fried, because Long John Silver, stop with the Fried Fish, ever hear of all the other ways to prep delish fish?

If you want to Soar instead of Sink, email RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com

Why is it so hard to "CUT BACK" and still serve great Food?
Why is it so hard to show you care about your Guests?
Why is it so hard to break your bad habits of too much sodium, salt, saturated fat for Healthy Dishes?
Why is it so hard to make and serve a delish Veggie Burger?
Why is it so hard to stop frying all your usual items and prepare them without all that grease?
Why is it so hard to Review your Menu and 86 every item that simply does not sell?
Why is it so hard to serve Cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes just to see if your customers can taste the difference, because in fact it is so close to tasting the same, you would be hard pressed to?
Do you know that "Veggie Pizzas" sales have risen by 34% in sales in 2015?
Millennials don't want what their Grandparents, what their Parents ate.
They want Fresh from the Farm, they want Organic, they want Taste, Quality and Price.
If your Restaurant is slow for lunch and dinner, then I would URGE YOU to read what I write, apply it to your "BOH", and your "FOH", then make the changes that are a must in order for you to THRIVE.





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 Having a Dress Code has presented a major confrontation and Club Crisis for a Club in Ybor City, Florida, the 25 year old "Castle Nightclub". A "Gothic Format of Free Expression."

 Clubbers come from around the World, to this "Sanctuary For Members of the LGBT Community)

 The Club hosts fetish parties, steam punk balls, and focus many nights on "The Vampire Lifestyle".

Talk about over the edge, and being out there, and catering to the "DARK SIDE", "CASTLE" does exactly that, and very successfully.

Everybody comes to this "Landmark".

But certain clothing and patches have put "CASTLE" in a position it never ever dreamed of, being in.

From Face book to the entire internet, people are upset, in fear, and astounded that nazi clothing would be allowed in to party at "CASTLE".
"SAFETY" is the primary reason that Theme Nights produced by outsiders have been canceled.
People are confused, upset, angry and do not want any kind of "hate" or "groups that profess it" allowed in the "CASTLE".
Fighting rumors,and here say that spreads like wild fire on the Web, that places a Club's entire reputation at stake, is a major challenge, that demands a "FULL PUSH RESET" to calm fears, to show clubbers, and potential visitors that what they hear is not what is FACT.

The Owner  Alan Kahana needs to be far more accessible and open to everyone who has concerns, questions and basically are afraid.
Mr. Kahana needs to take full advantage of Face book's new "LIVE BROADCASTING" Element, that gives Mr. Kahana the power to speak "LIVE" to everyone on his Face book Page. He can answer questions, speak directly to everyone he can reach, by making a major marketing campaign to push the message that this "LIVE BROADCAST" IS GOING TO BE HELD AND EVERYONE SHOULD VIEW THIS AND BE ANXIOUS TO ASK QUESTIONS, VOICE CONCERNS, AND SPEAK UP.
THE PRESS Coverage on this Situation, paints and portrays a very feared conversion of this club, that is dominating the rumors, here say and chat.
A Dancer employed by "CASTLE", TOLD the Ownership in writing, exactly what negative and hateful clothing and symbols she had seen in the club, and sadly, she was fired.
Fired? Why? What does this accomplish? Sometimes Ownership has no expertise, education or knowledge in how to handle a situation like this, so they panic. They run away, instead of running straight into the Controversy.
So the Club had an "Epiphany", and finally took an aggressive approach to responding.
Whether or not hate symbols are an actual problem according to the real-world experience of those who go to the Castle, the club's statement made it clear: "We understand there can be a thin line between fantasy cosplay and historic re-enactment and will be carefully enforcing standards regarding what is acceptable. ... Any persons or groups displaying affiliations or support of any hate groups, may it be with symbols or gestures, will be asked to leave the Castle."
When asked if that meant that the club would look into claims of dancers or patrons being banned or fired for raising concerns, and training door staff to spot hate symbols, Kahana, who has been traveling in Europe since before the controversy began, replied via email, "yes to all."
 A Very Nice Gentleman contacts me about his opening a "HOOKAH LOUNGE" in a Town that already has "FOUR OTHER HOOKAH LOUNGES".
I advise him not to open such a lounge.
But he responds, "Mine will be so much better than what is out there now".
I have heard this remark thousands of times over the years, and it never ever has the meaning that it should.
I advise him to add a bar so that the Guest, not only enjoys the "Hookah", but also drinks at the bar and spends more money.
But nope, he only wants the "Hookah" business.
I speak to him about all of the pitfalls, the downsides, the negatives, because all he is thinking about are the positives he has implanted in his mind.
I try and try to advise him, that such a venture in a Strip Mall, with rent, insurance, payroll, taxes, marketing, day to day taking care of business and then night to night doing the business.
This Venture in my estimation would be a total failure. I don't want anyone to lose $, but if you don't listen, learn and lean on your legal pad to write down the positives and the negatives, drawing a line down the middle of the pad and listing on one side the UPs, and on the other the DOWNs.
In this specific situation, the negatives far outweigh any, any, any Positives.
I ended the conversation, wishing this Gentleman the best but, hoping he took my Expertise to heart.


Copyright 2017 Rich Unger


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