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By Rich Unger

It's time for my review of recent rants from An Indiana Club Owner to Women who want to be Promoters in Los Angeles, to a Montreal Accountant who now owns a club to a Michigan Club Owner who has no clue but to give the house away, to a Club Owner in Cincy who relies strictly on Club Promoters and finally to a Club Promoter in Boca, who has no clue.  I mean you can't make this stuff up................................................



OK, story #1, from an Indiana Club Owner, I receive a phone call from an Owner in a Panic Mode, he is spending on radio, passing out flyers, he has just added a VIP ROOM, ( They are not the latest way to go, they are yesterday's Room) anyway, he can't draw in patrons and he is in a College Town.

He has no cover charge, $1 drafts, $1 shooters and nobody is coming in.  I would say the worse Club Owners who have no clue, refuse to learn or listen are from Indiana.  Never have I seen a State where so many bar, nightclub, sports bar Owners, refuse to do what they need to do and continue to do what they know does not work.

Back to this Owner, he now wants to change the name of the Club, I asked him was there an incident that occurred that someone was hurt or worse?  He replies "no but I think a name change would help? "  I ask him are you going to also remodel the club, so that the new perception of this establishment is not just a new name, but also a new image?
NOPE! He just wants to change the name.  Again, you cannot make this stuff up.

He is in a great college town, but he cannot grasp why he cannot attract clubbers?  He is giving the house away, he is dropping his dress code.  I proceed to ask him what he is doing on a positive approach to attracting patrons and clubbers, especially Women with "The Fun" and "The Wow Factors."  His response I kid you not "HUH"?

He is not concerned with the times his radio spots run, the quality of the spots, the production, nor the fact Radio does not work anymore, the CEO of Clear Channel, is now ordering his Stations to push fifteen-second spots, he realizes the significant loss of audience his 1200 stations have experienced, so now he has cut back the number of spots per hour, thinking listeners are fed up with advertising, and came up with the brain storm of selling potential advertisers fifteen-second spots.

ARE YOU, I MEAN IS HE FOR REAL????????????????????????????????????????  Your a Nightclub, an Ultra lounge and your supposed to buy 15 second radio spots to pack your establishments?  Let me repeat, RADIO IS DEAD, IT DOES NOT WORK ANY LONGER............................  If your paying top dollar or the bottom off the rate card dollar, it doesn't matter, RADIO means nothing anymore...............................

So this Indiana Nightclub Owner is" lost in space," I cannot emphasize enough to him what he is doing wrong, why it's wrong and why it's not producing any results.  He can't pay patrons to come into him club, except for one night, that every drink is $1.  How can anyone make money offering every drink for $1? Sadly he has no clue.  My question is, why does this so called Nightclub Owner even own a Club?

He called me to provide him with insight and information that frankly I found offensive.  He is the one that destroyed this Club, there is no Genie in a Bottle that is going to turn this club around without first taking him out of the equation.  He sadly has no faith in himself, no desire to follow direction, no grasp on what "CONSISTENCY" is all about.  Personally I think he belongs in "GITMO" and has completely lost his mind. Take your pick............................. Because I have zero patience for Owners who are suffering, their clubs dying and their MENSA idea is "Friday Nights All Drinks $1"  But then, he should have called me a long time ago......................... (Rolling Eyes in total exasperation)

Story #2, Two Ladies from Los Angeles call me, middle age Women who have decided they want to be Club Promoters.  They have found a Club that holds six hundred People, they want to target the thirty Plus crowd. The Owner of the club has given them "Friday Nights."
A Club Owner in the Los Angeles Area has decided to give the biggest Night of the Week to two inexperienced Women to pack his club?  Am I missing something here?  is anyone checking what's in the water in Los Angeles?

Sorry, but sometimes I think I am a Host at "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."  The Ladies have no clue where to begin, what they want to do, how to do it, what to charge, how to market, they are like Meryl Streep's first day, first week, first month assistants in "THE DEVIL WORE PRADA," I mean they haven't a clue.  I have no idea the outcome of this misadventure, because the Ladies were too flaky to take any action.

Story #3, A former Accountant in Montreal calls me, he is in the nightclub business now a year and a few months, his club is dying.  He has listened to everyone, even his Mailman I think, he has done what everyone suggested and told him would work, only to find out none of their ideas resulted in any increase in patron traffic, cash flow or the perception of this
drifting club.  The club is located in an area of Montreal where it has ZERO, NONE, NADA competition, and yet it is dead.

He has criss crossed promotions changed formats like you and I breathe.  I mean he has covered the gamut, and totally confused his Community.  He has done everything wrong, almost nothing right.  A Year and a few months later, he calls me.  He compliments me with the remark "everything you said not to do I did, everything you said, you were right, I am an Owner who was wrong I see that now."  Yet, when I asked him to make some changes, improve his business dramatically, he tells me "I am not in a position to act."

Why did he call me?  I suggest he be a guest on the DR. Phil show.  Perhaps it's multiple personalities that he is dealing with? Ya think?

Story #4, A Club Owner in Michigan email's me, his club is dead, he is trying to bring in the right crowd.  This is what he describes to me as his current strategy to pack them in.

"I only have 15 - 20 customers at any one time. On the weekends, I only have 30 - 40 at any one time. I desperately need some Promotions help. Here is what we currently offer. I hold 300."

Monday& Tuesday - $1.00 domestic bottles (no entertainment)
Wednesday - $.25 drafts from 8:30-9:00 and from
11:30-midnight with a DJ.
Thursday - $1.50 domestic bottles (no
Friday - Ladies night 50% off for women with a DJ
Saturday - drink specials involving the 3 horseman.
(Jim, Jack, Jose)

This is what this Owner is doing to bring in patrons, to empty out other establishments, and he too is in a College Town. Why even bother to open?  Whey even waste your energy, your time?  I contacted him, told him the format he needed to implement, of course he
didn't. Who even knows if he is still open?

Story #5, A Club Owner in Ohio e-mails me.  His two level club is empty, that he has relied on club promoters to promote each individual night, tragically they have ruined his club with the wrong crowd, the wrong format, and the wrong DJ.

This Owner is working with anybody who says he can pack his club, in the Cincy area, where clubs are thriving and clubs are dying.  The competition is fierce.  This Owner, like many other Owners puts his heart, his soul, his life into what he does, but then relies on strangers, outsiders, and unknowns to make his club money.

But when your giving the power to promote, the authority to market, the ability to operate as though he is your partner, to strangers who only talk the talk, it's the worse business decision and strategy you can apply.  It really evaporates any consistency, any even flow and any high energy image of your Club, because far too many club promoters are doing vastly different methods to draw patrons in.  Their number 1 concern is what is in it for THEM not him.

They bring your energy level to zero, takes your enthusiasm completely away, there you are, knowing that your club has great potential, realizing that if you took responsibility for the PROMOTIONS, THE CONCEPTS, THE CONTESTS, THE EVENTS, THE THEMES, THE HAPPENINGS, THE GATHERINGS, THE UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT, THE MARKETING, THE QUALITY OF PATRON, THE ABILITY TO Draw WOMEN, you would be on top rather than facing the unknown.

Why didn't this Owner realize he needed to personally assume the helm and just make the move, bring on "The Fun" and "The Wow Factors"? Then, his dance floor would be wall to wall with hot women and spenders.  We emailed each other for at least 3 weeks, back and forth, but this Owner was too egotistical to call me, too self absorbed to admit he needed
help, too disenfranchised to turn his own club around.

In Cincy, where the number of clubs, lounges, bars, are abundant, you cannot simply jump into the "drink price war" with various Club Promoters calling the shots, and expect to thrive much less survive.  You have to stand out, stand above competing clubs, to attract the right crowds in. Unfortunately this club is not going to make it.

Story #6, Ironically at the same time I receive a phone call from a club promoter in Boca Raton, Florida just up Federal Hwy. from Lauderdale after you pass Pompano, Delray Beach and some other small communities.

This Club Promoter is working with Thee Club in Boca, but cannot stand the way they operate, they pay way too much money for a local model Search that brings in less patrons, who spend less money than the promotion itself costs each week.

The Club once the dominator in Boca, is dying.  The Owner has lost his direction, the club is suffering, the club promoter is telling me all the dirt on the Owner and the Club, none of which I have any Interest in hearing, I keep asking him "what do you want from me?" He says, " I want to start a night of my own somewhere, I just don't know where?" I suggest he try a number of venues in the Boca Area and near the local College, but he sounds too wired out and lost in space.

This is why I am totally against any Club Owner working with Club Promoters, they are not needed, not necessary, certainly not reliable or loyal.

On a more positive note I did receive an email from a Club Owner in Brockton, Mass. who told me his Wednesday Nights have gone from dead to packed, thanks to my concept.
He just wanted me to know, that if felt so good to have a crowd, on a night, he never ever thought he could.  He is on Cloud Nine.  Me, I knew it all the time.....................................................................................

So once again, I offer you these words of wisdom, you can either suffer, sulk,
slap yourself, OR, you can call me, Pack your club, bring on "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS".  Call Rich Unger at 941-921-7027 and say three words: "PACK MY CLUB".



Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting Nightclubs.com.
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