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By Rich Unger

The Following remarks are word for word from a six month Sports Bar Owner, with no experience and no "Game Plan" who is in way over their head and is headed for

a complete disaster.

I called, I emailed, I tried to reach this Owner, to help this Owner, but this Owner is "Lost In Space".

I am a New owner, 6 months in this place

. No promotions were held by previous owners. Poor management and staff ran off customers and business was in foreclosure.
Current Promotions = Karaoke Wednesday and Thursday night, Live music Jam Night on Friday night, soon to change to Sunday night, Live music band occasionally on Friday or Saturday night. NTN Trivia installed, 52" projection TV, 16 other TVs.
Major Problems = Current manager doesn't want to promote or work any more nights and will be replaced as soon as someone can be hired.
Additional Comments = This sports bar is attached to a bowling center and I have no experience in bar management or promotions. I am in need of a manager who can take complete control and promote and market and make this bar profitable. This is a college town with 3 colleges and only 2 other bars that the students frequent. The potential is tremendous if the right people and ideas are found.
If, If and more If.

I regret the manner in which you operate this Sports Bar allows for no "Tremendous Potential".

First as this "New Owner" who has only been in the biz for six months, you should have fired this Unproductive Manager months ago.

Second, To find an honest Manager is difficult enough, let alone some Miracle Manager who is not only going to have an honest trait, but also the skills to take a dying, horrible reputation,

boring format Sports Bar and turn it around on top of hiring, firing, operating and working the hours required?

Never, ever going to happen.

"Ideas" don't make for a profitable and popular establishment, a well thought out "STRATEGY" that incorporates the direction, the implementation, the marketing, "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS".

This Sports Bar holds up to 300 Patrons, right now it is being run into the ground, the theft is rampant, the Owner with no knowledge or experience is being ripped off every which way from liquor to food to cash.

This Sports Bar is located in a College Town with 3 Colleges and only two other bars, this Sports Bar should be doing tens of thousands of dollars with not a single drink discounted or offering any cheap beers.

But it's barely breaking even.

One Day hopefully, Owners like this are going to explain to me their mind set to buy a loser bar which is also a closed rundown bar, that they think, they can turn around?

The failure rate for such an attempt sadly is 99%.


RICHIE REMINDER: In the future, never ever buy a rundown, closed bar or club in a horrible Location with an awful Reputation.

You'll Thank Me in the morning.


Rich, I work for a Night Club in Promotions and Special Events. I am not an outsider, nor am I paid staff. I have known both
owners for many years and volunteered to step in and help where I could. I handle a lot of leg work and administration for the club so that the 2 active owners do not have to. I only get paid when a party is successful. I would like to seek your advice.

Quite frankly, everything you mentioned in your YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL...Article reflects our club situation. Our owners are 4 businessmen who put their money together to open a Jazz club almost 3 years ago. In the course of that 3 years, friendships have been severed causing internal sabotage and fighting. The club has changed names and management over those 3 years as
well. The two that have basically been keeping the Titanic afloat are two honest businessmen that are at their wits end, with this failing club! They also own other businesses and are just trying to make what was supposed to be a fun money-making till the end of their lease (2 more years). I am basically a consultant that wants to help them as much as I can.



Why are you helping this Club, when your not even an employee?

Why should anyone work for free, unless the Promotion is a success?

Why would anyone put so much time, energy, effort into a club that is going to close?

This industry is NOT a "Fun Money Making Hobby".

It never was.

It never will be.

It has no direction, no consistency, no discipline in it's format, and has gone through more ego and arrogance than any one establishment deserves?

You can change names all you want, you can throw out partners, you can replace staff, you can keep pouring money into this club, hand over fist, but what good is it, if the basics and the foundations are not in place?

Why even stay for the length of the lease?

I have all the answers, the problem is, some Owners and Managers are in "DENIAL".

Yet others fully understand my strategies, and are doing extremely well even closing down competing clubs, because they get it...........................

Let me repeat that, "THEY GET IT".

In this unfortunate situation, the Owners left standing do not get it, and it would be better to close and spare the expenses operating.

Because they have run this club into the ground, they have destroyed whatever goodwill they ever had, they are at a point of panic promoting and total despair, why even try?

They have zero consistency, they are null and void of whom to target and how to attract the chosen demographics they wish to patronize this club, they are low on cash flow and are in despair, in addition they have other viable businesses to work at during the day which is always a huge hindrance to operating a viable night life adventure.

Creating a juggling act of not having the best Manager in place to oversee your Club and it's daily operations put you in the worse case scenario.


I tried again.

Reading the newest issue of "Nightclub & Bar Magazine", I felt like Paris Hilton before going to Jail.

Frustrated, disappointed, totally annoyed that there is nothing New in this entire Publication.

They have more members of their Advisory Board than Playboy has had centerfolds.

I spoke to a former Editor, a great Person Taylor Rau, who was as frustrated as I was with the content and texture of the publication and is no longer associated with it.

Too much Fluff and no hard hitting stuff..............................................................................




Why do you let so much space go to waste?

Why does the outside of your establishment look like the WWE were just there?

Why do your Restrooms appear to be Solitary Cells for prisoners?

Why are your bar stools worn and torn ?

Why are the Uniforms your Staff wears a combination Burger King and Bennigans?

Why are you letting blown speakers and light bulbs remain, without being replaced?

Why does your Beer Garden lack any energy or atmosphere?

Why does your staff have such a low morale?

Why is your Bottle Service so disorganized?

Why is your VIP Section so dated and low rated?

Why are you so burnt out and ready to walk out?

Why do you allow slobs and punks to walk through your front doors?

Why do you ignore "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS"?


The WRONG Crowd

Nothing can ruin an establishment faster than the wrong crowd.

The fault lies at the Owner's feet, for allowing the foul mouth, bad attitude, threatening, destructive negative patrons to dominate and to destroy a great bar, fantastic lounge, energized club.

Letting in this RUDE FACTOR is all it takes for a great Reputation to fade away.

There's a very simple way to tell if you have the right or wrong crowd?

How many Women out of 10 patrons do you serve?

What is your dress code?

What do your bathrooms look like?

What kinds of tips do you patrons leave?

Are you serving Call Brand, Top Shelf or Well Drinks, Primarily?

What is the reputation of your establishment?



CONTACT or call Rich Unger at 941-921-7027 But just don't stay the same!



Copyright � 2007 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.