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By Rich Unger

A Gentleman planning to open a new club writes me, "We have all our drink specials planned, we are contemplating a dance floor, we have our radio stations lined up, we have our flyer design ready, and we are debating over a DJ or a live band can you give us any advice?" I felt like Simon Cowell judging another horrible, hideous, horrendous so called singer.

First of all, why are you even offering drink specials in a brand new club?  Why would you be so desperate, so despondent, so depressed, that you have no Faith in your Concept, that you must begin your entire image building
Process with "Drink Specials"?  Right from the start you become one of many rather than one of a kind.

You are "Contemplating a dance floor"?

What did you have in mind, patrons dancing on their own tables?

Or were they supposed to just sit there all night and just move their heads?

You have "your radio stations lined up"?

Oh another Clear Channel investor are we?

Spend, Spend, Spend and get no response in return?

Did anyone tell you radio does not work anymore?

Did anyone tell you radio is losing listeners like "The Backstreet Boys" fill concert halls?

"Flyers"? Please, Please don't tell me your going to print up tens of thousands of flyers and hire some so called "Street Team" that is reliable, (yeah right) and depend on this form of word up to get the "word out"?

What are you NUTS?

And finally the icing on this sadly out of touch new Owner's final comment to me, " We are debating over whether to hire a DJ or a live band?"

Here's a slam dunk for you, what about both?

The problem with booking local DJs is they may have a following, but who?

Are they women or a bunch of thugs?

Are they spenders or a group of one drink or beer sitters?

What does he spin, is it Hip Hop, Techno, House, Euro Trash?

Does he dress the Role or like a slob?

Does he place the club before his ego?

Does he maintain the club's equipment and change light bulbs and fix speakers and equipment when needed?

Does he expect a bar tab and to drink while he spins and mixes, NO and more NO!

Does he bring his girlfriend in the booth, NO and more NO!  When a DJ thinks he is more important than the club he works at, it's time for him to go back to spinning at weddings and birthday parties.  DJs with attitudes are DJs that are problematic and a headache you don't need nor does your club, bar, lounge or establishment.

As for local bands, if they don't dress professionally, if they don't cover up the milk cartoons that hold up their amps with black velvet fabric, if they smoke and drink on stage, if they curse or if they are late to start, if they don't learn new material, and it's the same songs in the same sets in the same segue over and over, if they want a guest list and a bar tab, they are not the band you want in your club.

In both DJ and Band scenarios, it's all about professionalism.  Your going to spend good money promoting either your DJ, or your Band or both, and your patrons are going to decide if they can spin the spin or play the song, why should you have to deal with, tolerate, or put up with the NONSENSE?  You don't!

Stop thinking one DJ is going to make or break your Club, are you for real?  Stop tolerating bad band behavior because you have to have this band or your going to lose money.

I once had a sold out Club I owned, it was a Saturday Night and my DJ was out in his car with his girlfriend, I fired him on the spot and spun myself that night, nobody, nobody walked out.  Now the DJ is a top Jazz DJ at WSJT in Tampa, he is AL SANTANA and he is amazing.  We laugh about that incident now it was years and years ago.
He is a Premier DJ, and I can assure you he does not ever get caught in cars with girls when he has a gig these days.

Another Night I had over 700 patrons, waiting for a National Act, that had a horrible attitude, because the leader was from the original band and the other members of the band were a bunch of punks, who were riding his coattails, and they were just rude, crude and not for my club, even with a "SOLD OUT" Club.

I threw them out, that's right, with a packed house, I threw them out, bought everyone two free drinks, had the opening band play an extra two hours and everyone had a smile on their faces, not one single complaint for a refund.  It's all in how you defuse a situation and turn a negative into a positive.  It also didn't hurt that the opening band was amazing, and I will name them They are now "THE BOBBY FRISS BAND" and if you are into Rock and into a great performing band, go to bobby's web site and tell him from the good old days, Rich Unger recommended I book your band.  He is not cheap and he is great.............................................................

I always treated DJs and Bands like the Late Great Bill Graham did, he promoted and presented in concert TOP WORLD FAMOUS HEADLINERS, like Zeppelin to Santana, from Stevie Ray Vaughn whom he died with in a chopper crash to the Stones, he demanded they respect their audience and they perform on time, 100% Professional and no nonsense.  When the DJ or Band think they are bigger than the Club is, it's time to pull their plug..........................................................................................................................

Summer is coming upon us fast, yet over 90% of Club, Lounge, Bar, Deck, Tiki Bar, and multi level clubs have yet to formalize and set their "Summer Strategies" to pack their places.

Can you even fathom or comprehend promoting the Summer by the seat of their pants?  As usual, too little, too late, especially with Owners and Managers who are on different wave lengths, I have one comment to such Managers, why work for these kind of Owners?  Why tolerate these lunatics who have no clue?  Why?

Every day a different DJ or Bar Manager, or Server, or Doorperson writes me in such frustration over working at a Club that has no "FUN," no "WOW FACTORS" and no matter how hard they try to motivate and educate their Owners to view the Night Life World from a different prospective, they contact me in total bewilderment that they are in a hopeless situation.

It really is disheartening to see employees who care more about the clubs they work at, then the actual Owners do.
I had a club employee tell me "My Owner is going to have a fancy car roped off, with an ice sculpture tied in and that is the promotion, how do you think we will do?".

I had to be honest and tell him "IT will bomb."

He got back to me and said "Yup, you were right, a total disaster."

I mean what was this Owner thinking?

He did Promote and his potential patrons did decide..........................

Contact If you own a club and are ready to present "THE FUN" and "THE WOW FACTORS."

Or call Rich Unger at 941-921-7027 or just keep ignoring reality and promote in fantasy, your cash registers will give you a wake up jolt soon enough.



Copyright � 2006 Rich Unger

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.

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This web site, its contents, graphics and text are � 2005, Promoting
All Rights Reserved. For comments, questions, or suggestions about this site, contact the webmaster.